California Love

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I’ve always dreamed about California but when I arrived on the west coast I wasn’t expecting to feel home. I don’t know if it was all the smiling people, or the flowers in their hair, the highway 101 that seemed to go on forever, there was defiantly something in the air that had me feeling like I was a little girl having just tasted ice cream for the first time.

Our first stop was the Golden Gate Bridge, I was never one to be impressed by any tourist attractions,  and it wasn’t so much the bridge itself but the vast blue behind it that took my breath away. Taking a panoramic photo we waived goodbye to Japan, that was just across the water from us and continued north into the magnificent Red Woods. Along the way, the air felt fresh, a big change from San Francisco’s blanket of clouds, we were surrounded by hills of burnt out yellow grass and wineries along the horizon.

Myself, a big fan of french wines I was at first skeptic about California grapes, nonetheless when we stopped at a winery along the Russian River I was moved by the dedication that the owner had. He was talking about his grapes as if he has birthed them himself. After a not so quick wine tasting, I was starting to understand why California is called the triple W state.  Of course sharing this experience with my best friends and business partners and our international most talented guest from the BMSS label Armin, was just the cherry on top!

Hills, rivers, mountains, beautiful scenery kept me mesmerized, I could not believe I have waited so long to visit Cali.  As we made our way deeper into the woods, the sun was coming down and I felt the temperature drop. We were passing through the territory where nature is Queen and we are mere guests, where not event during the bright midday sun a ray of sunshine touches the ground. Everything was dry as if it hasn’t rained in months and a single spark could start the first of the century. Magical hundred-year-old trees whispered; “Do you know where you are going?” As darkness covered the land we arrived at our final destination to a small town in the middle of nowhere ready to bring our own psychedelic signature to this enchanted forest.

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