The concept grew from the forests and farms of the LunoSol studio in Northern California. Inspired by sacred plants and tribal cultures, the theme was set. Decor was built and an all-star line-up was organized from a pool of local heroes and international legends.

Earlier in the 24-hour journey, the evening was warmed up with world grove beats by PSYOSS from Israel. He was followed by LunoSol’s very own DJ ARBA who rocked a back to back set with resident HANU-MANU. Together they took the floor up a notch and brought the tempo from groove to full moves! As the dance floor thicker with new arrivals, the magic was felt and heard. They were sent off with a round of applause as Montréal based Kinematic Records DJ KRIKKETT spun some funky beats for the rocking floor. To take the sounds darker into the night, Montrailen DJ P>TRACK spun some full-on for us all. With his bouncy punchy sounds, the night progressed.

From San Francisco, ZUL came to tickle the night time dance floor with twisted beats and psychedelic treats in the darker hours of the boogie. He is known for Synchronize parties in SF, regular underground gatherings that keep the Bay Area’s Psy-scene fed with ever changing headliners from near and far.  The night’s live act was a beloved double-take duo, brothers, twins, and partners Valik and Malik – known as PARUS. They created a fusion of psychedelic sounds, tribal drum loops, cosmic crescendos and shamanic shakes that brought the dance floor to their knees with delight.

In the thickened of the night, Lars aka OLAWANPI, from DropOut productions, hailing from the Swiss Alps, brought another dimension of sound and mind to the dance floor. He brought a journey of mind expanding nighttime trance that hypnotized and tantalized.

By morning, as the night crowd went for their refreshments and the morning trancers came up with the sun, GRISHKA, the soumi sounds project of Israeli DJ Psyoss, fed some energy to the morning early birds. Followed by surprise guest from Montreal, recently returned from a European tour, SARU brought a feminine touch to this morning floor. She surprised many with her arrival and pleased everyone with her music. Crisp clear and mature, she cooked the floor in an unexpected style. From California, KHROMATA represented Pulse SF: The Bay Area’s proud Psy trance promotion team, featuring stellar musicians and known for their too notch production standards. She rocked a mix of old school classics, unreleased tracks and full power morning trance to boost the party into Sunday morning. Brian SENTIENT, representing for Pulse LA continues to feed the floor with sunny Sunday morning trance. His grove brought a fresh energy to the floor and get everyone kicking, and warmed up for the headliner of the event, and our final act, Armin, BOOM SHANKAR.

Armin brought a colorful take of the BSMM Brother Sun Sister Moon records and told the story of their daily dance. He showed us fairy tales with dark and light sides, brought us high into the cosmos and kept us grounded on the earth. His music fed the floor for a full six hours, and never missed a beat and kept drumming in our hearts. At the end of the six hours, no one could believe it was finally time to call this 24-hour adventure completed. An astounding round of applause engulfed the floor and the LunoSol crew took stage and with hugs across the arena, thanked all the characters for playing their part in this fairy tale and TrancePlants

ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ
ॐ—–☾ TIME-SLOTS ☽—–
ॐ Eve
ॐ–07:00PM-08:30PM ☆☆☆ PSYOSS
ॐ–08:30PM-10:00PM ☆☆☆ ARBA
ॐ–10:00PM-11:30PM ☆☆☆ KRIKKETT
ॐ–11:30PM-01:00AM ☆☆☆ P>TRACK

ॐ–01:00AM-03:00AM ☆☆☆ ZUL
ॐ–03:00AM-05:00AM ☆☆☆ PARUS
ॐ–05:00AM-07:00AM ☆☆☆ OLAWANPI

ॐ–07:00AM-08:00AM ☆☆☆ GRISHKA
ॐ–08:00AM-09:00AM☮☮ Surprise SARU 
ॐ–09:00AM-11:00AM ☆☆☆ KHROMATA
ॐ–11:00AM-01:00PM ☆☆☆ SENTIENT

ॐ–01:00PM-07:00PM ☆☆☆ BOOM SHANKAR

ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ LOVEॐ ॐ ॐ ॐimg_3407 img_3410 img_3415 img_3420 img_3422 img_3425 img_3429 img_3430 img_3432 img_3435 img_3442 img_3450 img_3456 img_3458 img_3460 img_3468


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