Indoor / Outdoor Canopy Designs

For Rental, Purchase, or Customisation

duality canopy overview


This is the current project in the LunoSol studio, the Duality Canopy. It measures 25 meters in diametre, and features three separate layers of petals. These petals form a six pointed flower around a central stem, and can be interchanged in many formations to fit many spaces.




The petals each have a combination of various coloured and textured fabric, including gold lycra, white lycra with airbrushed UV reactive artwork, and black netting. This allows for the canopy to feature transparent areas, including a double sidedĀ image, which can be seen from the air as well as the ground.


The canopy can be installed on a heaxagonal trussing or wooden frame, with a central stem. It can also be deconstructed to fit in indoor arenas of smaller sizes.

The canopy also features three-dimensional elements that are round balls, inflated and imbedded with a colour changing LED light. These appear as 3D buttons around the canopy. Lighting can be used with DMX control to synchronize and manipulate these lights as necessary according to the light show.


Images of indoor events featuring this set are shown in the past projects pages, including Duality- Invisible Reality and Orion NYE.