Summer Festivals 2016

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Summer 2016.  It came with much anticipation after a long and cold winter in Montreal. The LunoSol team escaped the winter’s icy grip and fled to the West Coast in early April. The LunoSol Adventure began with Pulse SF’s event: Ignition.  There, the UK’s legendary AVALON played alongside HEADFLUX, JOSSI TOLECH, and many local heroes including ZUL, and PSYNTHETIC.  The decor was elegant and feminine and set the tone for a clean and classy new set of decor to dress the coming summer months.

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Then LunoSol busied themselves in their Redwood Studio to prepare for the Debut of THE UNTZ FESTIVAL, one of California’s most anticipated events of the summer.  The Untz is an online EDM platform, featuring news, reviews, releases, interviews, forums and events listings, and boasts over one million followers!  This event was truly off-the-cuff, fringe EDM culture, as it featured up and coming artists and genres beyond the norm.  With four stages, including a live JamTronica Band Stage, Bordello Lounge Stage, Trance and Techno All night Stage, and proper Arena Main headliners stage, this event did not disappoint!  The headliners included Dessert Dwellers, Phutureprimitive, Merkabah, Trevor Moon Tribe and too much more to list!  LunoSol shocked and amazed with their finalized DUALITY CANOPY, complete with 3-Dimensional spheres, solid, translucent, and metallic fabrics, airbrushed designs and holey patterns.  This event was a highlight for LunoSol and the team, and they are now proudly a permanent member of the UNTZ family!

After Untz, LunoSol looked homeward to Montreal, where SPACE GATHERING festival awaited them.  With a new concept for a space-age Amazonian-themed dance floor and a far-Indian inspired Chill Out, they embarked upon the mission to paint, sew, travel and install a thousand light years away.  With record speed and willing trainees in the studio, they built a stunning new set of decor and created an environment that entertained and set the mood to the hundreds of gatherers from all spaces.  PSYCOVSKYY, ALWOODS, RAINDROP, SPACEY KOALA, and many more artists embraced the dance floor with their good vibrations while the LunoSol crew enjoyed the gratitude of the tribe.

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From Outer Space to Deep in the Eastern Woodlands, LunoSol soared across the open air to New Brunswick, where FUTURE FOREST FESTIVAL would be their next debut.  A festival in its fourth year, but growing exponentially, this place showed the team how the East Coast is on the up and coming list of great hubs of Electronic Dance Culture.  A warm and loving group, the crew and the punters alike welcomed LunoSol, who created a completely fresh concept of the “Cosmic Owl”. This stage featured BEN RAMA, SABI NON-STOP, PAPA GONZO and much more.  It was an ambitious project, with the stage being painted completely on-site to fit the complicated arena layout. This design featured an owl with video mapped wings spanning over 20 meters. On  every wing, and every facial detail there were projections to give the owl to life by video magic.  With glowing eyes and soaring wings, this owl transported the crowd into his world, one with translucent tribal wings over head and a full organic nest to journey there.

The crew left New Brunswick with warm friendships and fond memories but had little time to spare as they rushed back to Quebec for the ECLIPSE FESTIVAL.  With Headliners such as BORIS BREJCHA, D-NOX, LAUGHING BUDDHA, RIKAM, ARJUNA and much more, it was the Psychedelic Event of the Summer.  The beautifully painted canopy from Artescape installed by local and international crews, coupled with Tech Safari’s incredible Circle Of Light LED activated stage design made this event a wonder to observe and a dream to take part in.  LunoSol added their color and love to the Healing Space with a cavernous chill out space of layers and lights and created a home for all the LunoSol friends and family to relax while absorbing the splendor of Eclipse.

Finally, LunoSol returned to California, where STAR CAMP SHASTA was the next festival to await them.  A private, family gathering on the side of a mountain deep in the woods of Norther California;s Mount Shasta Region, this experience was a  wholesome and hearty one.  With a stellar line-up including LUNECELL, KHROMATA, ZUL, BHODI, KROMAGON and much more, the musical styles varied from Booty Shaking Goove, to floor stomping Techno, fist pumping Full On and mind expanding Dark Psy.  LunoSol contributed with a Cosmic Canopy to provide some shade where the tall trees did not, and contributed with their energy and love for the NorCal Psy Family.


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Now as the Summer draw to its end, LunoSol is again back in their Redwood Studio preparing for their own California Event TRANCEPLANTS, featuring 24 hours of music, as a celebration of Trance, Dance, and Sacred Plants. They have a full set of Avatar-Inspired artwork to trance-port you to the trance-plants world.  Leading this journey will be BMSS Record’s own label manager from Germany: BOOM SHANKAR,  Also on the line up are BRIAN SENTIENT, KHROMATA, KRIKKETT, ARBA, and more… LunoSol thrilled to have the support of THE UNTZ, PULSE SF, PULSE LA, and  SYCHRONIZE.



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