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Ivy Rigging Cavalia Horse Show, Pheonix, AZ 2018
LunoSol Productions

Ivy Orth

LunoSol’s head designer

An international decor artist based in the USA. Her work is made up of hand painted airbrushed environments, sculpted uniquely with respect for each location and event’s specific intention, and inspired by the manifestation of the inner Fairy Tale. Her work is representative of a whimsical world of the realized dream of feminine heart. By expressing the weird and wonderful, allowing space for the twisted and the dark, and illuminating environments with light and iridescence, LunoSol creates the setting for all characters to journey into their own Psychedelic Fairy Tale.

Explore the ever evolving world of LunoSol.  From the imagination of Ivy Orth to reality.  LunoSols fineart blends her international experience with an inner visions based on creativity and connectivity.

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